09/04/2017 22:46
If you smiled at others’ failures, you've just experienced schadenfreude, a bit of enjoyment at the misfortunes of others. And now researchers know more about why some people experience this seemingly odd emotion. W aka ka ka! People with low self-esteem were more likely to experience schadenfreude, and also more likely to feel threatened by the high-achieving colleagues. 
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19/07/2016 22:45
If we consider ourselves as passionate and motivated teachers, we are actually the most valuable resource the education system has. We can be most effective and fulfilled teachers when we ourselves pursue exciting learning opportunities. All too frequently we give up the joy of being curious as we grow older and conform to the rhythms of adult life (mine included). Surrendering our curiosity in this way has a negative effect on our creativity. Creativity is vital to our being, it is crucial, I...
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How low can we go

12/07/2016 20:26
I’m sorry. I believe teachers need more support, more appreciation, and more money. I know that I am who I am today because of several amazing teachers. Teaching is about love. We, naturally, take a friendly interest in the people who work together, spend a lot of time together, so it is even more natural to take a friendly interest in workmates. There is, however, a time when friendly interest becomes unfriendly, and questions become intrusive to the point of prying. People can be nosy for...
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Teaching is a challenging but very rewarding profession, with teachers playing an essential part in helping children and young people to acquire and develop the knowledge and skills they will need in later life. We recognized  the importance of education for very young children.

Classroom and learning assistants are also playing an increasingly important role in school.  We prefer an individual approach, and therefore fully focused on the needs and requirements of each student.

Our teachers are committed to an exceptionally caring ethos and a unique learning approach that draws the best from international educational ideals. In our panel, academic advancement is balanced with emphasis on personal growth and fostering of positive attitudes.

Whilst we strive to develop students' international mindedness, we also encourage them to appreciate the essential qualities of their own traditional values, intellectual heritage and cultural aspirations.

One of the main reasons why English is important is because most employers prefer their staffs to be able to speak and write English fluently. Many multi-national companies in Malaysia who need Malaysian work force are on the lookout for those who are proficient in English, as they are going to deal on the international level.

As for students most of the reference books and articles are written in English. In colleges and universities, it is important for students to look up for references.

The influential wave of globalisation and information and communication technology is a good reason for Malaysians to improve their English. It is essential to keep in mind that the English language should be used to keep Malaysia globally competitive.

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