I just hate losing

21/05/2015 00:12
I am a bad loser and that makes me ultra-competitive and I absolutely despise losing. At anything. It doesn't mind whether I'm working on my class strategies or playing a game of Scrabble. I always play to win. And that's a good thing. I'm not a bad loser ha ha...  in that I'll...
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Amplifying Small Issues

07/05/2015 06:11
I think we all blow up at times. It may be while driving or you are in store and someone cuts in front of you in line or endless sarcasms from another party,  and stuff like that.  In our mind we feel we should be angry when we feel we have had enough bulls.  Yes,  we have the...
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The pleasure of winning

30/04/2015 15:36
Michal Jordan once said "Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships". I am happy to be working with a strong and cooperative team. Every single participant in the Sectional Level makes it to the District level. Well done everyone!!!!     “Dieting is the only...
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Sarcastic Remarks

29/04/2015 06:30
Smart-mouthed colleagues  normally struggle with their own insecurity and believe that sarcasm helps them look better to others. I would normally put myself in the smart-mouth's shoes and identify myself with that person. When they sense that  l understand, it helps bring their guard...
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29/04/2015 05:43
We are proud to belong to a school that is strong that’s our dear S K D H we are taught to promote with our studies & sports that’s our dear S K D H the joy we had and the sorrow we shared is a part of our unity our feelings are strong to the school we belong that’s our dear S K D H
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How Can I Calm My Nerves Before a Competition?

28/04/2015 06:24
As the action song competition is getting nearer, these are the questions that pop up regularly in my head. How can I play down the pressure to win? How do I distract myself from getting caught up in the "what ifs"? Can we practice under pressure? What have I learnt from past...
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28/04/2015 05:38
Do you think that if you want to have success you should try to absorb as much knowledge as possible? Well, at least not only! Success, whether we talk at professional or personal level, derives from three factors: knowledge, competencies and attitudes. Most of the people, however, pay an excessive...
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Quality Conversation

27/04/2015 05:48
Let’s be honest. As amazing as you already are, there are things that you can do to make yourself a more pleasant person to be around with. Please, don’t just talk about yourself always. The people with whom you’re having a conversation are also equally as amazing. A quality conversation is...
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Ugly Mind & Empty Brain

16/04/2015 06:17
They will be a bad loser when they lose. There is nothing that insecure person hates more than losing. At anything. And when they do lose, they will tell you all sorts of reasons why their loss isn’t really a loss, or why it wasn’t fair, or why the other person had an imbalanced advantage, or how...
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Yes... we are loud like love & happiness !!!

15/04/2015 05:52
and we look cool too :-)
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