Grading overload

02/03/2015 21:17
Teachers crushed by expectations that they'll review and comment on all their students' work. Not only can this not be done within any reasonable workload limit, I think, it is also an ineffective use of time. I try to establish a pattern of regular well-spaced marking that is sharply focused....
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Classroom Motivational Stickers

25/02/2015 06:04
I am a big fan of Classroom Motivational Stickers and I have been using them over the years. I somehow feel that understanding and using rewards is an essential skill for any educator.  Selecting the right type, level and form of rewards to encourage student behavior is a competence developed...
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SKDH Lakerun 2015

17/02/2015 18:24
To view the gallery, please click Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four
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Bengkel " Ibu Bapa Cemerlang Anak Gemilang" 2015

15/02/2015 22:43
Check out the web-album HERE
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Last minute class setup

26/01/2015 20:44
A busy day today but finally my class is ready for tomorrow's observation :-)
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i-THINK Part One

26/01/2015 10:10
We encourage, nurture and celebrate creativity, innovation and challenge.  Finding new ways for students to recreate and represent knowledge helps to prepare for a future that will demand flexibility, and adaptability. The individuality of each student is valued. Students are respected for...
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New School Year

25/01/2015 07:57
This year, I'll be teaching in a new school. I was in SK Hosba for an exciting eight years. I love the students. I know, people are going to tell me it’s my job but this goes way beyond that. Sharing life with them, It was so good - My prayer goes to them who live out to the challange. I am still...
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