Action song and Ring toss

18/03/2015 23:25

I am happy with my children's progress with the action song performance. After more than a month of four times a week practices, I do feel that that they are more confident with the choreographic routines. I believed every child wants to please you. If you praise them when they do well at something or are trying hard, it will make them want to do it again. Praising your child for being good will make them want to be good, and it will help them feel good about themselves. Children who feel good about themselves tend to:

  • learn more easily and make more effort to achieve
  • get into less trouble
  • get on well with others
  • make friends more easily
  • feel happier and more secure.

What was bugging me for the past week was to get enough fund for the costume. Finally, I decided to raise fund from family and friends and I have managed to raise enough within 24 hours. Thanks to all of them for being so kind with their contribution and making me a happy teacher :-)

Now, I am all set for the Ring Toss setup.