Amplifying Small Issues

07/05/2015 06:11

I think we all blow up at times. It may be while driving or you are in store and someone cuts in front of you in line or endless sarcasms from another party,  and stuff like that.  In our mind we feel we should be angry when we feel we have had enough bulls.  Yes,  we have the right to be angry. When I am angry it does not feel good and sometimes it will last for hours or even sometimes a day.

The hard part is to just let go.  I am defending what I believe. I believe in intelligence over populism, and correctness over incorrectness. We often are in the right and people should not do what they do.  I think part of it is just having enough crap and the other part is saying wait a minute this is not fair. 

The thing is that our anger affects us and it doesn't do anything to the other person.  So by trying to punish them we are punishing ourselves.  I have been a hot head before and I know how hard it is but I am trying to just let the anger pass and not trying to dwell on it - or am l?