How low can we go

12/07/2016 20:26

I’m sorry. I believe teachers need more support, more appreciation, and more money. I know that I am who I am today because of several amazing teachers. Teaching is about love. We, naturally, take a friendly interest in the people who work together, spend a lot of time together, so it is even more natural to take a friendly interest in workmates. There is, however, a time when friendly interest becomes unfriendly, and questions become intrusive to the point of prying. People can be nosy for many reasons. Some people are insecure, and they need as much information as possible to feel safe about their surroundings. Other people do not have the social skills to realize the difference between friendly interest and prying.

“If you say it very softly, with a smile, you can get away with saying almost anything, even the truth"
~ Neil Burton