19/07/2016 22:45

If we consider ourselves as passionate and motivated teachers, we are actually the most valuable resource the education system has. We can be most effective and fulfilled teachers when we ourselves pursue exciting learning opportunities. All too frequently we give up the joy of being curious as we grow older and conform to the rhythms of adult life (mine included). Surrendering our curiosity in this way has a negative effect on our creativity. Creativity is vital to our being, it is crucial, I think - in order to gain positive emotion. Curiosity is vital in order to be creative and make us ask questions about the new and the unknown.

I always think that I am a learner and try to be open with my own passion. It’s unbelievably boring to learn from someone who doesn’t even seem to care about what they are saying. It’s incredibly inspiring, on the other hand, to have someone talk about a topic with pure joy. If you love something, then show it. It’s contagious.